Pure London 2019 fashion show - a dream comes true

Pure London 2019 fashion show - a dream comes true

Pure London 2019 fashion show - a dream comes true

What exactly is Pure London?

Pure London is the leading trade fair in the United Kingdom.

It is held twice a year in Olympia, London. The leading seasonal trends are presented during the exhibition.

Pure London's focus is mainly on women's models, with collections from over 1,000 different fashion brands presenting at the fashion show. A huge number of retailers from the United Kingdom are taking part.

The Pure London fashion show is not only an opportunity for designers to present their models but also a place for the so-called "Setting the clocks".

During the trade event, daily briefings are held, which present the "autumn-winter" and "spring-summer" trends.

In recent years, the seminar has expanded its program to include tips for creating online stores, visual merchandising and styling sessions.

What Silvy Rowson presented during Pure London Fashion show?


Participation in a fashion event of such a rank requires confidence and determination, which the creator of the brand definitely does not lack. The initiative and the preparation for the participation were entirely her work.

After doing the necessary research and organization, Silvy packed her bags and headed with her brand to Pure London to present selected exclusive models from her first collection.

Model parades with Women's Jacquard Tailcoat with dark floral motif from the First Collection of Silvy Rowson.



The excitement and the opportunity to present my work to the "big ones"

in this industry are indescribable.

I knew very well that these were my potential customers.

Customers who appeared in the fifth minute of the opening of the exhibition.

Recognition for me and my work

came when I saw two of their models that stylists had chosen

to parade on the fashion scene of the exhibition.

I felt a sense of satisfaction, I realized that the effort and preparation was worth it!

- words of the creator of the brand Silvya Rowson

How Silvy Rowson was received by the audience and the professionals and what happened after our participation in Pure London 2019?

Both the general public of the Pure London fashion event and the professionals expressed their positive feedback from their meeting with the Silvy Rowson brand.

Everything was worth it! This fact was confirmed after the appearance of the first agents who expressed a desire to work with our new fashion brand.

We caught the attention of a journalist from Vogue Portugal magazine. We were happy to receive feedback from them after the Pure London fashion event that our raincoat was paraded on a Vogue Portugal model on Instagram.


We really wanted to make you part of our story and emotion at the Pure London fashion show. Silvy Rowson is not just a brand or an advertisement. Behind its realization are:

  • big dreams;

  • achieved goals;

  • sleepless nights;

  • strong faith;

  • hard work.

We believe that you will recognize the emotion we express through our clothes! The desire is to reach women who believe in themselves and their abilities! We ourselves as a brand started as a dream, which today bears the fruits of the persistence and determination of its creator!

Learn the story of Silvy Rowson here.



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