10 Clothing Maintenance Tips

10 Clothing Maintenance Tips

10 Clothing Maintenance Tips

If you want to keep the quality of your clothes and colours for a long time, you need to follow the tips for storage and maintenance of clothes recommended by the online boutique Silvy Rowson, as well as washing instructions marked on the inner label of the garment.

10 съвета за поддръжка на дрехитеHere are, our 10 Clothing Maintenance Tips:

  1. Silvy Rowson online boutique uses high-quality fabrics and materials in the manufacture of each item, which requires additional special care;

  2. Use non-aggressive detergents when handling clothes;

  3. Be sure to use detergents for coloured laundry when treating coloured fabrics, and vice versa - detergents for white laundry, when washing white fabrics;

  4. We recommend hand-washing clothes or a suitable program for delicate fabrics at low temperatures;

  5. Remove the removable elements and lift the zippers before washing;

  6. If dry cleaning is explicitly stated on the garment label, follow the recommended instructions;

  7. Do not mix different colours of clothes in one wash;

  8. It is not recommended to soak clothes before washing and when using a spin dryer - it is not recommended to use it at high speeds;

  9. Viscose is a material that also contains artificial cellulose fibres, so the garment may lose its shape when wet. To minimize the risk of this and restore the garment to its original shape, we recommend ironing the garment with a steam iron;

  10. When drying down jackets in a tumble dryer, it is recommended that you use tennis balls to distribute the down evenly. Dry the down completely.

10 Clothing Maintenance Tips - Fabric caring


Regular washing is good for linen. No dry cleaning is required. Linen tends to shrink, so wash at a low temperature and use the gentle machine cycle. DO NOT use the spin program! As a natural fabric, linen in darker colours may fade with washing over time. Allow the fabric to air dry. Iron while still damp on medium to high iron heat. Bright and dark-coloured linen garments should be ironed on the folded side to avoid shiny spots or fading.


Machine wash on delicate cycle and low temperature is recommended. Cotton shrinks more in hot water than in the cold, and finely woven cotton shrinks more than tighter fabrics. Cotton shrinkage usually occurs in the drying process, so avoid heat sources in the drying process. Air drying is recommended. Always turn clothes inside out when washing to protect the outside. This will keep the colours longer.


Suede feels like an indulgent investment when you stroke its rich, fuzzy handle. Armed with the right knowledge, you can make being a custodian of suede a less fussy affair. Use a protective spray – and recoat annually. Perfect your brushing technique. If needed - take your garment to the professionals. Let wet suede dry naturally and don’t agitate stains.


Hand-washing satin is preferred over machine-washing because it is gentler on the fabric. If there are visible stains on the satin garment, pretreat the area with an enzyme-based stain remover for 10min. For satin items that are approved for machine washing, select the delicate cycle, lower final spin speed, and cool or cold water setting on your washer. If washing a satin blouse or tie with other items, place it in a mesh bag to prevent snags. Satin clothes should be dried by hanging them up or laying flat, away from direct heat and sunlight to prevent damaging and weakening of the long fibres.


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