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Online boutique Silvy Rowson is a family fashion brand dedicated to women's elegance and confidence.

Online boutique Silvy Rowson creates haute couture models, guaranteeing uniqueness in each detail. If you are lucky enough to have our design, it deserves an exceptional place in your wardrobe. Wear it with pride and be noticed!

About Us

silvy rowson CEO

Hello! My name is Silviya Rowson and I’d like to welcome you to my world full of elegance and beauty! Online boutique Silvy Rowson is my dream come true! After many years in the accounting, the turning point came when I made the firm decision to turn my dream into reality! My passion for fashion took me to London where I completed my fashion education. Immediately after the end of my studies, I started applying everything I learned and soon after I created my first models for the brand. The collections I create express my character – they are bold, elegant, stand out! The designs combine timeless fashion lines, for you ladies who want to express your femininity, confidence and character with a modern look.
The brand was created in 2019 and is dedicated to feminine elegance and confidence. Every garment in our Collections is original, designed by me! The designs combine timeless fashion lines for all of you, who want to express your confident nature and character with a modern look!

In September 2023 we opened our first boutique in Europe.I am so happy and proud to Welcome you to Silvy Rowson Boutique!!!

Address: Via Giuseppe Mazzini, 68, 26013 Crema CR, Italy

About Us – Our models and our mission

All models in the online boutique Silvy Rowson are made of high-quality materials with attention to detail. Our Collections include over 200 designer models, designed exclusively for ladies who know how important it is to look confident in their clothes and do what is necessary to stand out!

Some of our models can be found in several cities in Bulgaria, in boutiques for women’s fashion, with which we partner. The cities where you will find our representatives are Varna, Veliko Tarnovo and Sofia.

Silvy Rowson’s primary mission is to give you the confidence that you are unique and stand out! It is important for us with our models to contribute to the development of fashion culture in Europe. In the online boutique Silvy Rowson, you will find current women’s models suitable for ladies with different styles, including elegant, casual, and sporty-elegant, and our limited models are bold and attractive.

With her straightforward attitude to the quality of each model and the establishment of her style of work and customer service, Silvy Rowson aims to become a label of quality in the world of women’s fashion and a favourite brand in the fashion market among women. Our main pride is that Silvy Rowson’s boutique collections are sold to European markets in Italy!


About Us – Tailoring team and Fabrics

We work with a tailoring team to realise each model. The atmosphere of our joint work is a friendly environment. We strongly believe that a good relationship between a designer and a tailoring team is at the heart of everything we create. With precise details, clean seams and high-quality fabrics, we do NOT put up with anything less than the best we can offer you! That is the main reason to work with a brand, offering high-quality fabrics from Italy!

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